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Helping to Insure Our Future Financial Security

Becoming a Perpetual Member

To become a Perpetual member pay just 21 times the amount of Pace Lodge dues and you will never have to pay dues, ever! In addition, Pace Lodge will continue to receive your annual dues forever, even after your death. There is no better gift that you could leave Pace Lodge than this gift that will ensure income from your dues for all time. Become a Perpetual Member Here.


The only exceptions would be:

If you transfer your membership to another Georgia Lodge, your Perpetual Membership moves with you. Should you affiliate with a Lodge outside of Georgia, your Perpetual Membership stays with Pace Lodge. Should you decide to move back to Georgia and affiliate with a Georgia Lodge, your Membership will move to your new Georgia Lodge.

This also benefits the Grand Lodge of Georgia in that the current per capita fees in effect at the time that you become a perpetual member will continue to go to the operation of your Grand Lodge.

Q: How do I get started?

A: Request an application from the Secretary of Pace Lodge. He will complete the form and send it to the Grand Secretary. Within a short time you will be receiving a nice certificate and more importantly, each year, every year, Pace Lodge will receive a check from the perpetual trust, from now on, forever.

Q: Why do we need Perpetual Memberships?

A: Unfortunately, we have experienced losses in membership for over a decade. These losses have had adverse effects on the finances of particular Lodges. If that Lodge owns its building, the fixed costs of upkeep and operation are spread among a decreasing number of members. Like the Masonic Home Endowment Fund, the money from Perpetual Memberships will be used as an endowment fund for your particular Lodge. Only the earned income will be used to support your Lodge and the Grand Lodge. A Perpetual Membership is a way to an endowment fund for your Lodge, insuring future financial security.

Q: I hold dual membership in two Lodges. Does my Perpetual Membership Fee cover the dues in both Lodges?

A: No. The Perpetual Membership payment (21 times) is applicable only for Pace Lodge. To become a Perpetual Member of both Lodges, or each different Lodge you may be a member, you would have to make the payment (21 times dues) to each of those Lodges.

Q: What happens to the money that I pay to Pace Lodge for Perpetual Membership?

A: All of the money collected for Perpetual Membership is sent to Grand Lodge placed in a restricted investment account, accounted for separately by the Grand Treasurer from all other Grand Lodge funds. Each year an allocation of these funds will be made for the amount of dues to Pace Lodge and to the Grand Lodge for per capita fees that were in effect at the time you became a Perpetual Member.

Give The Gift That Keeps On Giving!

Sign up today and receive a beautiful Lapel Pin, distinguishing you as a Grand Lodge of Georgia Perpetual Member.

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