January 5: Regular meeting night Calendar released January 19: Movie night for family, read by-laws.


February 2: Sweetheart dinner /lodge restock/ 50-50 raffle/gun raffle starts February 13: Rockdale Cares TBD

February 16: Family Movie Night, regular meeting night March 2: Regular meeting


March 16: St Patrick’s day wear green/ Ladies Crafts Night, Easter Crafts/ Scholarship deadline March TBD: Lodge work and beautification day


April 6: Vietnam Veterans appreciation night/sign up for workday April 20: Movie night for family, regular meeting night.

April TBD: Workday at the Masonic Home

May 4: First Responders appreciation night/ Cinco de mayo (tacos)/ 50-50 raffle May 18: Movie night for family, Mother's Appreciation night

May TBD cook for Livingston Pre-K graduation


June 1: D-Day Remembrance/ Draw for gun rifle raffle/ 50-50 Raffle

June 15: Kids Craft Night, regular meeting night/ Fathers Appreciation night July 6: Celebrate Independence Day


July 20: Movie night for family, regular meeting night August 3: Regular Meeting night


August 17: Movie night for family, regular meeting night August TBD: Boston Butt cook


September 7: 9/11remembrance / Past Masters Night

September 21: Fall Pumpkin painting, regular meeting night October 5: Regular meeting night/ Read by-laws.


October 19: Movie night/ Finalize car show October 23: Car show


November 2: Veterans Appreciation night/ Officers move up November 16: Movie night


December 7: Elections

December 11: Officer Installations

egueting night Calendar released January 19: M